Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Surrogate: Private view, 15th October

I don't hardly know where to begin. I remember, we were cruisin' home from the art gallery. I'd had such a wonderful evenin' sittin' there watchin' my art screamin' and tearin' her hair out and carryin' on. She was sooo full of life. Then... Well, we were about three miles from home when all of a sudden it started to rain. And I do mean rain - I couldn't hardly see nuthin'! Well, we kept drivin' for about another mile when all of a sudden I see this stalled car right smack in front of me! Well, I wasn’t about to slam on the brakes 'cause I didn't have none to start to with. So I swerved to the left, and what do I see? Some mush-head, on a motorcycle, headin' right at us! And I knew at last, me and my art were about to meet the leader of the pack.

Well, when I come to I looked around, and there was the leader, and there was the pack, and over there was my art. And over there was my art. And way over there was my art! I want my art back, gotta have my art back, I miss her oh, so much, can't live without her touch.[wind, digging] It's been many months now since that fateful night, and you know somethin', I've tried, believe me I have tried - but I just can't make it without my art. So, I've decided I'm gonna have back her one way or another. Oh art, I dig you so much. A-heh-heh! [thud] Hot dang - pay dirt! [creaky door opening, shuffling, creaky door closing][Muffled:]

I got my art back, now I got my art back, I love her oh, so much, can't live without her touch, I got my art back.

:an exhibition at the Triangle shopping centre, Manchester featuring work by Sam Derounian, Josh Duncan, Ross Little, Tom Marshallsay, Claudia Nova, Hannes Hellstrom and Max Prus.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Marlene Smoking

They should put these pictures on cigarette packets.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pam Hogg

I raved about Pam Hogg's space-age Power Ranger style catsuits in my old blog, but seeing her last night on BBC Scotland's documentary about The Glasgow School of Art sent me into a lusty rebound.

Like myself, Pam was a student at the GSA. She studied Fine Art and Printed Textiles, winning numerous awards and a scholarship to London's Royal College of Art. As well as establishing herself as a cult fashion designer, she formed several punk bands, gaining support slots for groups including The Pogues, and Debbie Harry.
Her designs have been modelled by friend Siouxsie Sioux on her 2004 world tour, and have also been seen on popstars Kylie Minogue and Rihanna, indicating that Hogg's couture was finally beginning to shift from a cult market towards mainstream appreciation.

I've noticed her influence filtering down into the high street too; the other week I picked up some very Pam Hogg leggings from H&M. Good news for me, as I can't afford the real deal - Unless Pam wants to send me a metallic catsuit to model around the art school... which I don't think is such a mad, bad idea actually! Will someone have a word?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Massey Love

I haven't updated the blog in ages, so I thought maybe today could be a tribute to one of my favourite 'Dreamlanders' (the weird and wonderful stars of John Waters' movies)... Edith 'The Egg Lady' Massey. She is hilarious and touching in every role she has played, especially as Cuddles in Polyester and the evil Aunt Ida in Female Trouble.
Her personal life was as mad and colourful as any film she starred in; she was raised in an orphanage, running away at 15 to travel across the States, working as a tap dancer, b-girl and a barmaid. She met John Waters while working in a waterfront bar in Baltimore and he immediately cast her in Multiple Maniacs.
She continued working with Waters up until her final role in 1981 as Cuddles in Polyester, all the while running her own thrift store in Baltimore called Edith's Shopping Bag.
In the 80s she toured with her punk band, Edie and the Eggs, covering songs like Big Girls Don't Cry ...

In 1981, she also featured in the video to John Mellencamp's song This Time, where she plays his true love after a series of failed romances with beautiful women. Here it is:

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

80s Fantasy

I had forgotten how fantastic this video is, but in revisiting it I am falling in love with the 80s hair and make-up again.
Viva Klaus!